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Why Great Beards Don’t Just Happen

Gone are the days when a clean shaved face was the only choice for the first date or a job interview. Who says you can’t impress people with a fine suit and a nice beard and man buns. Many people still prefer the neat and clean-shaven look. However, beards have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past.

You must be seeing more people on the street with some type of beard than people with a clean-shaved face.

Why Do I Need To Grow A Beard?

You need to grow a beard because it is trending and all the rage these days. It is time to give your face some masculine and deep look. You will look more attractive too with a beard. You don’t just change your appeal with a beard, you will get healthy too. Yes, you read that right. Growing beard gives you some health benefits. Here is why growing a beard is good for you.

Grow Your Beard, Grow Your Confidence

According to some surveys, a beard gives you confidence and a better sense of power. The phenomena behind this are simple: You look better, and you feel better as a result.  With more confidence and a sense of power, you tend to gain more success in your life.

Bearded Men Have Healthy Skin and Good Oral Health

That neat, clean shaved face is dirtier than the bearded face. Wondering why? When you shave, you spread the bacteria on your face. This way the risk of getting acne is higher. Shaving opens your pores. This means more bacteria and dust get in your skin if you are clean-shaven.

Beards, on the other hand, act as a natural filter to protect your mouth and skin. Your beard keeps out the bacteria and other allergens from your mouth and the face it covers. You get healthy skin and better oral health. This is why your beard needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Beards Block UV Rays

Another wonder of your beard is that it is your natural sunblock. Thick beards can block UV rays by up to 95%.

Bearded Men Stay Young

Beards protect you from the sun, and keep your skin healthy and fresh. Limiting sun exposure also decreases the wrinkles you get in the long run.

How to Grow a Nice Beard

There are always some men who take pride in having a beard, regardless of the trends. Mind you, growing a good looking beard is not that easy as it sounds. You don’t just skip shaving for some time, and a great soft beard on your face.

Growing a nice thick beard takes a good amount of patience, time and care. Whether you go for a subtle designer beard or fully grown hipster one, you will need to maintain it properly. And your final look is worth the time you give.

If you want to grow a beard and haven’t started yet, then we have you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about growing a great beard.

Which Beard Goes On Your Face

Men who grow a beard give plenty of thought to the beard style. Your beard must go well with the shape of your face. It should compliment your jawline.

A square or rounded chin calls for more hair on the chin and shorter hair on sides. You can go for a little beard on the side with a fine mustache. Ryan Gosling went from a thick beard to whimsical little beard with a heavy mustache.

Round face calls for the opposite. Longer hair on the side and shorter hair on the chin is suggested for a round face. It is better to have fuller sides with a short bottom on an oblong and rectangular face. Oval shape faced with perfect symmetry can rock most of the beard styles.

Give Your Beard Some Time to Grow

If you are waiting for your beard to grow and still haven’t got any results, don’t worry. Most people take four weeks or even longer for their facial hair to develop. You need to be patient. After all, the beard that would give you all the protection and attractiveness would take some time.

Bear the Itch

Your tiny facial hairs would start to grow slowly. They will feel itchy and spiky at first. Moisturize your face to avoid the itch. When your facial hair grows more, they would get soft.

Boost Your Hair Growth

Take biotin and folic acid supplements to improve your facial hair growth. Both of these are known to increase hair growth. You can also increase the amount of folic acid in your diet. Eat more leafy green vegetables and whole grains. Your diet should not lack protein. You need a good amount of proteins to build up keratin for your hair.

Don’t Let That Beard Grow On Your Neck

When your hair starts to grow, avoid the neck beard. Trim your neckline to remove neck hair. Your beard should grow all along your jaw and beneath your chin.

Maintain Your Beard

 You have patiently endured the itchy skin and taken the time to grow that perfect beard of yours. Now is the time to maintain it. Your beard is your pride. You must not let it remain dry and dirty. You might even lose your beard if you don’t take good care.

Nothing would be as heartbreaking as losing a good thick beard. Shampoo and oil your beard well.  Beard shampoos are good for your beard. Oiling your beard keeps it conditioned and soft. You (and certainly your partner) don’t want a dry bristled bush of a beard on your face. Brush your beard with a beard comb daily.

Experiment with Your Beard

Beards have become all about being funk and hip. Dying your beard is becoming a thing. Donald Glover is getting too much attention with his newly bleached beard. If you are comfortable playing a little with your beard, then add some color or glitter to your beard for that funky themed party coming up.

Bearded Men - We Salute You

A good beard is a man’s pride. A beard gives a new look and personality to men. It makes your face look more handsome and bewitching. Beards give you confidence and a sense of power. It protects your skin and increases your well being. Great beards just don’t happen. Men give time, care and proper maintenance to grow the beard they want.

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